2012-11-16 Weekly IT Update

This Week:

Food and Drinks – No No No

Movie Maker and Photo Story – Reminder

Try It First – Google Nexus 7

Phones in Class – 3 Reasons to Use Them

Timeline – History of Education

PCHS Technology – ALEC


Food and Drinks – The Tech Team has noticed an increase in the amount of students with food and drink in the Pods. Just a friendly reminder to please make sure your students do NOT have food in the Pods as they like to use the computers as trash cans for said food. We have found everything from candy wrappers to gummy worms in the DVD-ROM drives. We have had spills of every kind of drink, from coffee to Red Bull. If you’re in the Pods and see a student with food or drink, PLEASE, have them either throw it or put it away. Thank you for your assistance in this.

Movie Maker and Photo Story – As an education tool both of these programs can result in some interesting and creative projects. The problem that we get up here in the Tech Office is that students do the work at home, save the project, and come to school only to find that it does not work on our computers. The one thing that students need to know is that if they plan on transferring their projects to school they either need to A) save the project as a MOVIE, NOT as a PROJECT (if they save it as a project the file only points to the necessary resources which are, almost all of the time, on their home computer doing them no good at school) or B) make sure all project files (i.e. MP3s, Videos, Images) are located on a flash drive so that students can at least access the files from school. This is one of our more common things that we have no control over so if the student doesn’t have these resources the only thing they can do is return home to get them. This is just a general FYI as it is such a common problem.

Try It First – With the holidays coming up, the Tech Team does have a Google Nexus 7 for you to be able to look at, explore, and play with in the office. As I recently found out that Staples is the only place you can actually look at the product before buying, this is just another option for you to check it out. People ask me all of the time what my preference is for devices and, at least currently, it goes like this. 7” Tablet = Google Nexus 7. 10” Tablet = Apple iPad 4. (I am still researching cell phones but plan on going with the Google Nexus 4 as it is unlocked without costing and arm and a leg). So, if you want to see the Nexus 7, feel free to drop on by, I have it right by my desk (me being Jason). To get more of an idea on the Nexus 7 check out – http://www.google.com/nexus/

Phones in Classhttp://edudemic.com/2012/11/3-reasons-to-start-using-phones-in-your-class/ – Now granted, I am a strong believer in educational technology so you may take this with a grain of salt, but I believe cell phones can be an excellent tool in the classroom. (One of the problems at Pine Creek is the signal is so intermittent for certain carriers they aren’t an option for some students/teachers). BUT, using a cell phone can be a great way to actively engage your students. What about misuse of the phones? This article gives some guidelines on how to avoid that problem. How can they be used? Check the article above for more information.

Timelinehttp://edhistory.com/ –  For an interactive look at some of the historic moments in education, check out the link above. The timeline currently has about 85 entries but is being updated with some frequency.

PCHS Technology – Just a reminder that the PCHS Technology ALEC site has been up and running and I have been adding resources on a weekly basis. Some are added to particular sections (i.e. Videos, Images, etc.) while some have been added by department (i.e. Social Studies, Science, etc.). You can find the latest tools, information, and more here so check it out. Just add PCHS Technology to your list in ALEC.

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