2012-11-28 Weekly IT Update

This Week:

Food and Drink – Redux X2

Online Lesson Plans – Where to Find Them

How the Internet has Changed Education – Infographic


Food and Drink – It was brought up last week but since then there have been at least (2) incidents with gum and computers. Students, for some reason, believe that the computers are their trash can instead of a $1000+ piece of hardware that are supposed to last for 5 (or more) years. If you see any cases of vandalism through the computers, please feel free to contact us in the Tech Room or the Dean. Thank you for your assistance in this matter.

Online Lesson Plans – Here are five sites to check out if you’re looking for good online lesson plans. Whether you’re in need of a little help with a new lesson you’re trying to master or simply looking to find out what other teachers are doing around the world, the internet is a wonderful place to turn. So if you’re searching for online lesson plans, Edudemic has you covered. Check them out at: http://edudemic.com/2012/11/online-lesson-plans/

How the Internet has Changed Education – It’s pretty obvious that the internet has had a huge impact in education, but just how has the internet changed education? With each semester, more and more students are taking classes online, teachers are integrating social media into their courses, and everyone is turning to the web to do their research. Teachers, students, and parents are leveraging new technologies for learning a huge variety of topics, and schools are using web tools for all aspects of school life, from admissions to classroom time. Check out the infographic at: http://edudemic.com/2012/11/how-has-the-internet-changed-education/

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