2012-12-05 Weekly IT Updates

This Week:

Trainings – 2013

Housecleaning – Backup Time

Sharepoint – Upcoming Changes

Beyond EdTech – Article

Fakebook – Gallery of Historical Characters

Deals for Teachers – 2 Web Sites

Weekly Giveaway – Edutopia Mystery Prize

Flex The Brain – Mental Flexibility and Agility Quiz


Trainings – So, App training for this year wrapped up this week and the turnout was, minimal at best. I do thank those that came in to learn about the different tools and apps that could be used across multiple platforms. With 2013 coming up, I hope to continue the trainings but look to you to ask what you would like. Next semester I will have some focus on the different things Google Apps can do for you including Docs, Presentation, Forms, and more. These different Apps are very collaborative and can make your life easier. Many of you may not know this, but every student at Pine Creek has a Google account already, all done through District and tied directly to their Infinite Campus account. Anyhow, let me know what you’re interested in learning for the Spring semester and I’ll do what I can to make sure it happens!

Housecleaning – With the Fall semester coming to a break, now is a great time to get some backups done. Losing any files or documentation now, or over the course of the break, would be a bad thing so we in the Tech Team want to send a friendly reminder to do so. Back up to blank DVDs, back up to a Flash Drive, back up to a Cloud Drive (my personal favorite), but make sure to backup those files! It’s not only highly recommended, it is suggested that you do this multiple times over the course of the semester to preserve your data. Be safe and back it up!

Sharepoint – In the coming months there will be the beginning of a structure to the PCHS Sharepoint site. Currently the site is only used for checking out portable laptop labs and the PODS, but, by May, they hope to have the entire school transferred BACK to the server once again. In conjunction with this shift, the PCHS web site will now be hosted on the Sharepoint server and will fit the ‘theme’ of ASD20. It wil be a lot of work to get this going from the ground up, but I hope to be able to provide uniformity across the site to make it nice, clean, and easily accessible for you. Neither of these changes will interfere with anything you have going on; it is just a piece of information you may be interested in.

Beyond EdTech – Let me start by saying, I am not sure why the font on this site is so darned big. That being said, check out http://www.digitalharborfoundation.org/2012/11/28/beyond-edtech/ for an interesting article about the future of Educational Technology.

To be sure: we need EdTech. We need great EdTech. We need inspired EdTech. Technologies built from the raw stuff of student and teacher experience. Technologies built from the raw stuff of serious experimental testing, observation, and evaluation.

Fakebook – I’ve mentioned Fakebook before as a site you can direct your students to to create fake profiles of almost anyone (which does NOT require a Facebook account), but there are actually quite a few profiles already made up for Historical Figures. I love how, out of the first 20 or so selections, Charles Manson comes up! Characters are broken down into different categories for easier searching. Check it out at: http://www.classtools.net/main_area/fakebook/gallery/

Deals for Teachers – Here are two sites that you can find some deals and contests for educators. The first is the We Are Teachers Dealfinder at: http://www.weareteachers.com/community/deal-finder . The other is Penniless Teacher and can be found at: http://www.pennilessteacher.com/ . Sometimes there are good deals, sometimes not, but hey, we can always use free or majorly discounted, can’t we?

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