2013-02-07 Weekly IT Update

This Week

iPad Management – Thank You

Computers and Mobile Device Form – Approximately 30 to go

Introduction to Technology Integration – Video

Failure is Mandatory – Innovation


iPad Management – Thank you to everyone who brought me your iPads over the past couple of weeks. Due to your diligence, over 90 iPads have been registered in the system (with 9 which still need to be completed). We ALMOST made the due date which is pretty impressive considering how busy schedules sometimes conflict with the ability to get these tasks completed. Your assistance in this was appreciated and has provided the compliance needed to satisfy District requirements. Thank you.

Computers and Mobile Device Form – As for the form that I put in all of your mailboxes, I am still missing about 30. Considering I put out almost 140 of them in mailboxes this isn’t bad but I still need some. If you still need to sign it and have happened to have misplaced your original copy, you can find it at: \\sam\public$\pchs\StaffPublic\ (Otherwise known as the StaffPublic drive, R:). The deadline was the 1st of February but we’ll do what we can do to get them submitted. Please submit the completed forms to my mailbox or my desk and I’ll get them scanned and sent to District. Thank you for your continued assistance in this. (Next year it should be a part of the Account Provisioning so this should be a one-time thing).

Introduction to Technology Integration – If you’re interested in how technology has changed education and some ideas about how to integrate technology in your classroom check out this 5 minute video: http://www.edutopia.org/technology-integration-introduction-video It does not bombard you with apps, programs, etc. Instead, it shows how teaching with technology can enhance learning and recognizes it as a TOOL rather than the be all, end all solution to education.

Failure is Mandatory – Much like I’ve read in several of the current books on 21st Century Skills and Education, a repeat theme is that failure should not be seen as a bad thing in students (it is not talking about receiving a ‘F’, it’s more about application of material and creative thinking). Without encouraging our students to take risks and challenge them they will be less likely to fail and learn from their mistakes. Check out this well written article about the theory at: http://edudemic.com/2013/02/failure-is-mandatory-creating-a-culture-of-innovation/

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