2013-04-04 Weekly IT Update

This Week

Web Site – Coming Along

Rumor Mill – 1:1 / Replenishment

iPads in the Classroom – Tips

AppleTV – 5 Uses in the Classroom

Presentation Sync – Laptops, desktops, and devices, oh my!

Social Networking – Facebook is no longer “cool”


Web Site – Although the web site is still under major construction (the new web site which will be going live on May 3rd), you can jump on in there and take a look at some of the structure. With School Center pages shutting down, the new site will be the go-to site for all Pine Creek internet presence. As I’ve probably stated before, I am trying to keep the clicks to find things down to 2 to keep with industry ‘standards’. Take a look at the site at: http://www-dev.asd20.org/schools/pchs/Pages/default.aspx   and remember, this is a WORK IN PROGRESS! If you do have any suggestions or comments, please feel free to E-mail Jason.Rasmussen@asd20.org .

Rumor Mill – There was an interesting rumor going around earlier this week that the 1:1 deployment of iPads would cause our regular computer rotation to go to a 10-year plan. This is not the case. While the Tech Team must be more creative with replenishment funds in the coming years, those computers that will need to be replaced and are on schedule to be replaced will be completed in a timely manner. I am not sure where the rumor started (nor do I care), but I just wanted to quash it before it became a bigger non-issue. Thank you for your understanding and patience in this as the 1:1 program will create a definite learning curve for everyone involved.

iPads in the Classroom – For some ideas on how to use iPads in the classroom in a cross-curricular manner, check out this article:http://www.guardian.co.uk/teacher-network/teacher-blog/2013/mar/06/ipad-ipod-technology-primary-curriculum . The article gives a good idea of how to integrate apps that may not traditionally be used in particular types of lesson planning.

AppleTV – As there are many that don’t know what some of the uses are for an AppleTV in the classroom, here is a list of 5 to give you an idea: http://edudemic.com/2013/03/5-ways-to-use-apple-tv-in-the-classroom/ . When used with an iPad, it is very easy to maneuver the room, answer questions, provide immediate feedback, etc. which may otherwise be more difficult if you are in the front of the classroom having to click through slides and presentations. I do have a list of folks that I still need to get their AppleTVs installed but for the 2013 – 2014 school year we should have more access to these devices for testing/use in your classrooms!

Presentation Sync – Ever want to have a presentation in a computer lab or across multiple devices and have everyone on the same page? Presentation.io does just that. It will allow you to make a presentation where you can project your material across multiple devices and have everyone on the same page. Even better, the subjects do not even have to be in the same room or on the same continent as you while you give the presentation. From the Presentation.io website: Left something out? Any questions during the presentation? Add comments to the slides as you go. These will also appear on everyone’s screens real-time. Enable the audience to comment as well. For additional remarks or information, both the presenter and the audience will be able to make individual and shared notes during and after the presentation. You can find out more about this one at: https://presentation.io/ . Another service like this which I found while researching material this week can be found at: http://presefy.com/

Social Networking – Funny enough, I polled my students on Facebook vs. other social media a few weeks ago and they confirm the story in the attached link, Facebook is no longer “cool”. So, what, based on my minutes of research, are the more popular trends now? Twitter, Tumblr, and Instagram to name a few. This actually prompted me to really dig into Twitter to see why I have never connected to it before and why it is so popular now. I have come to the conclusion that, because of the ability to quickly check and update Twitter, it is a service that is much ‘cleaner’ in function than Facebook. For more on this phenomenon check out: http://www.businessinsider.com/its-official-teens-are-bored-of-facebook-2013-3 . And, once I can get it on the new web page, you will see that Pine Creek HS now has a Twitter account @PineCreekHS (it hasn’t really been updated yet but it is there). And, funny enough, while I was updating the newsletter this week I ran across this infographic about how fast Twitter is growing: http://edudemic.com/2013/03/how-fast-is-twitter-growing/

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