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2013-04-26 Weekly IT Update

This Week Web Page – Live May 3rd Training – Coming Soon It’s Not Too Early – Backup, Backup, Backup Blubbr – Create Video Trivia Why (Not How) – iPads in Education MOOC – 1 Year to a 4-Year College Education?   Top 20 iPad Apps – My Suggestions   Web Page – Yes, you’ve […]

2013-04-04 Weekly IT Update

This Week Web Site – Coming Along Rumor Mill – 1:1 / Replenishment iPads in the Classroom – Tips AppleTV – 5 Uses in the Classroom Presentation Sync – Laptops, desktops, and devices, oh my! Social Networking – Facebook is no longer “cool”   Web Site – Although the web site is still under major […]

2013-03-21 Weekly IT Update

This Week Network Outages – Random PCHS Technology – Reminder Evernote – In the Classroom Modern Teachers – 10 Necessary Skills   Network Outages – You may have noticed that there have been some times in recent weeks where we have lost connectivity to different sites (including ALEC and internet sites). This is happening for […]

2013-03-13 Weekly IT Update

This Week 1:1 – iPads Experience – Patrick Larkin, Burlington High School 5 Ways to Use Apple TV – You Can Do It! iTunes U – 1 BILLION Downloads Using Primary Sources – Students and Teachers   1:1 – As you have probably already heard, the 2013 – 2014 school year will be bringing Pine […]

2013-02-27 Weekly IT Update

This Week Beauty – Bullying Sequestration – Arne Duncan Interview I Don’t Have Time – Technology ClassDojo – Fun Classroom Management This American Life (Part 2) – Harper High, cont. Contest of the Week 1 – Not Edutopia? Contest of the Week 2 – Yes, Edutopia   “Education is the ability to listen to almost […]

2013-02-22 Weekly IT Update

This Week – Teachers + Tech – Students Can Take Control 17 Ways – iPads in Schools – Simple Web Page This American Life – Harper High School   Teachers + Tech – In an interesting article from Katrina Schwartz, she explains how the combination of technology and teaching allows for more classroom freedom […]

2012-02-15 Weekly IT Update

This Week: iPads – Distributed iBoss – Web Filtering Hoodamath – Going, Going, Gone… 16 Apps – iPad Apps Worth Trying Are Teachers of Tomorrow Prepared? – Innovative Technologies 6 Biggest Challenges – Educational Technology   iPads – Thank you to everyone who had requested and have since picked up their iPads. Due to the […]

2013-02-07 Weekly IT Update

This Week iPad Management – Thank You Computers and Mobile Device Form – Approximately 30 to go Introduction to Technology Integration – Video Failure is Mandatory – Innovation   iPad Management – Thank you to everyone who brought me your iPads over the past couple of weeks. Due to your diligence, over 90 iPads have […]

2013-02-01 Weekly IT Update

This Week: Testing and Technology – Is testing still relevant? School Printing – A Thing of the Past? QR Codes – In the Classroom Educational Technology – Advice from Teachers Professional Development – Online Educational Technology Trainings Free Educational eBooks – 5 Sites   Testing and Technology – Much like my belief in my PPCC […]

2013-01-23 Weekly IT Update

This Week: iPad Requirement – District Requirement Laptop and Mobile Device Agreement – Before February 1st Digital Literacy – Google Resources Love of Learning – How to Sell It   iPad Requirement – Recent changes in iPad management at the District level now require each iPad to be registered on the network. Basically, this allows […]